Peninsula Polymers Announces A National Distribution Agreement With Reverte Minerals America

Leawood, KS, January 25, 2021 – Peninsula Polymers, the North American leader in specialty chemical distribution, is pleased to announce that they have finalized an agreement with Reverte Minerals America to represent their products in all regions of the United States. 

“As we begin 2021, we are especially excited about increasing the breadth of our product line in all geographies that we serve”, said Ken Menzel, Director of Marketing/Supplier Relations.  Peninsula’s partnership with Reverte expands their reach with calcium carbonate products outside of the traditionally serviced southeast.    “Reverte’s dedication to quality, superior customer service and expansion in the US delivered the perfect fit for our energized team to kick off the new year.”

“Reverte is not the size of some of our competitors in the Calcium Carbonate market but we out work any of them and offer amazing products,” said Todd M. Hoppmeryer, Sr., General Manager, Reverte Minerals.  “Reverte has been very selective with the organizations we partner with to represent our line and are extremely excited to grow and work side by side with Peninsula Polymers.  This union will introduce the Reverte products to a whole new group and broader range of customers.”

About Peninsula Polymers

Peninsula Polymers is a distributor of specialty coatings raw materials and has been serving customers in North America for over 30 years.  

With fifteen distribution centers located across the United States, Peninsula Polymers partners with the most technologically advanced suppliers to deliver a full complement of products and technical expertise to diverse industries.

About Reverte Minerals America

Reverte Minerals America’s mission is the exclusive production of Calcium Carbonate, whether they be natural or treated, in powder or slurry form, based on the most technologically advanced processes which transform the raw material into a high quality product, capable of adding value to our clients’ final production processes.  Reverte has their own quality control labs with state of the art equipment including Atomic Absorption Testing.

If you would like additional information, please contact Kelly Schmit, Director Business Development at [email protected].

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