Coapur™ XS 83 is a solvent-free polyurethane thickener recommended for water-bases systems which should combine high in-can viscosities with excellent pigment compatibility, for use on tinting machine, manual coloration, industrial and architectural coatings. Coapur™ XS 83 provides a unique pseudoplastic rheology profile with a strong shear-tinning behavior. Its use ensures a smooth structure and an optimized ease of application by spray, roller or brush. The highly pseudoplastic rheology profile, combined with a fast recovery of the viscosity following the application makes the Coapur™ XS 83 suitable for industrial and decorative applications requiring high film thicknesses and excellent sag resistance. Coapur™ XS 83 contributes to improve colour strenght and reduce rub-out issues when using pigment pastes, even in presence of problematic binders. The use of Coapur™ XS 83 also limits viscosity drop after pigment paste addition, pigment flooding and floating during storage.


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