EPIKURE Curing Agent P-101 is a versatile, chemically stable, low bake or ultra-rapid curing epoxy powder coating converter. This product is a free flowing pulverized amine adduct especially designed to cure epoxy resin powder coatings at temperatures down to 250 °F (121 °C). This allows the use of energy saving baking schedules and application to temperature sensitive substrates. EPIKURE Curing Agent P-101 is compatible with epoxy resins when extruded or hot melt mixed in the normal fashion. This results in a truly homogeneous blend of epoxy resin and Curing Agent that provides a cured film with superior appearance and performance. Because of these features, EPIKURE Curing Agent P-101 is a marked improvement over accelerated dicyandiamide type curing agents which are widely used in thin film decorative or functional epoxy powder coatings.


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