EPON 874CX90

EPON™ Resin 874 is a Bisphenol-A based epoxy resin that has been modified to improve flexibility and to reduce solution viscosity. EPON Resin 874-CX-90 is supplied at 90% weight solids in a 1:1 w/w blend of methyl isobutyl ketone (MIBK) and xylene(s). In coatings applications, EPON Resin 874-CX-90 outperforms standard liquid epoxy resin grades (e.g., EPON Resin 828) offering better flexibility and faster dry times while providing comparable performance to solid epoxy resin grades like EPON Resin 1001F.EPON Resin 874-CX-90 can be formulated into VOC-compliant, high solids coatings that offer performance comparable to standard epoxy-polyamide systems. A wide variety of curing agents can be used with EPON Resin 874-CX-90 including low viscosity polyamidoamines, cycloaliphatic amines, and amine adducts.


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