Stainban 180

Stainban® 180 is a zinc free aqueous tannin stain inhibitor pre-treatment for wood coatings. It provides optimum tannin stain inhibition on all woods species and does not adversely affect the adhesion of subsequently applied solvent or water based coatings to the wood. Stainban® 180 reacts with and immobilizes the tannins “in situ” of the plant cell structure and improves the dimensional stability of the wood and reducing “grain raising” in water based coatings. Stainban® 180 can be used with clears, semi-transparent and opaque coating systems. It is HAPS free and is free of VOC’s. Typical application is to dilute Stainban® 180 prior to application. Mix ratio is 1:1 or 1:2 Stainban® 180:Water.


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