Vitel 2200B

Vitel® 2200B is a thermoplastic, high molecular weight, aromatic, linear saturated polyester resin. It is a hard resinous amorphous polymer exhibiting high tensile strength and low elongation. This premium quality resin finds specialized use either alone or modified in applications where high cohesive strength is of prime importance. This resin demonstrates superior adhesion, clarity, hardness and abrasion resistance. Vitel® 2200B also exhibits good dielectric properties and good
retention of physical properties after ultraviolet light exposure. Primary applications for Vitel® 2200B are as primer, binder for pigments in inks, lacquers or hard top coatings. For applications that require higher resistance to heat, moisture, or chemicals, Vitel® 2200B can be cross-linked with curative such as isocyanates, melamine resins, and phenolic resins.


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