Vitel 3550B-M

Vitel® 3550B-M is a high molecular weight, linear saturated polyester resin. Typically amber in color, this thermoplastic product is a highly flexible amorphous polymer that is tacky at room temperature, with high elongation and low tensile values. The unique physical properties of V3550B-M ( low Tg, low softening point, and high electrical resistance) provide it with high flexibility, good solubility, and compatibility with common polyester modifying materials and adhesion to a broad variety of substrates. V3550B-M yields zipper-free adhesion and requires only conventional solvents such as MEK, Toluene, or Ethyl acetate. This resin is designed primarily for adhesive applications or as a modifier for hard resinous coatings. V3550B-M is most often used as a polyisocyanate modified, two-part laminating adhesive.


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