Vitel 5833B

Vitel® 5833B is a low molecular weight, branched, functional copolyester resin. This highly functional amorphous copolyester offers a high level of reactive sites that provides modified coatings with a greater potential for curing. Due to its low molecular weight, V5833B provides improvements in substrate wetting and coatings at higher solids content within an application.
Additionally, this product has great solubility in a variety of solvents including MEK, MEK/toluene blends, cyclic ethers, chlorinated and other strong solvents. This allows for increased options when applying this product from solution.

V5833B provides excellent reactivity with isocyanate curatives when used alone, or when formulated within a system to increase reactive sites to reach the desired properties. Used in conjunction with other Vitel resins, the system can offer improved temperature, solvent and
abrasion resistance once cured.


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